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Below you will find links to web-sites that I like and that might be of use to you.
However, I do not take any responsibility for the quality of products or services from the following links.

Roman Footwear Sarah Juniper
Post-Medieval Footwear Sarah Juniper

Dark Age Re-enactment

Regia Anglorum or The Vikings

Leatherwork, Jewellery and Weaponry

Jelling Dragon

Knives and Weaponry

Paul Binns Swords 

Tabletweave and Silks Beggars Workshop

Pottery, Living History Equipment, Clothing, Jewellery, Weaponry and Armour

Cals Dark Age

A superb collection of historic board games and dice Gothic Green Oak
Directory for re-enactment and publications Call to Arms
Periodical for re-enactment Skirmish

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