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COBBLING (Shoe Repairs)

I now offer a historically authentic cobbling service for my museum-grade shoes, so that they last you longer.

The term Cobbling refers to the repair and reconditioning of old shoes.
Historically this was a trade separate from shoe-making (Cordwaining)
which referred exclusively to the manufacture of brand-new shoes.

In many historical re-enactments there is a lack of items on display that have been repaired repeatedly and were handed down the social pecking order.
Historically correct cobbling is one way to remedy this imbalance.

I offer repairs ONLY to the hand-stitched shoes that came from my own workshop.

It is best to show me the shoes at one of the events that I attend, in order to discuss what can be done to fix them and what it will cost. Please have a look at my events page to find out where I will be next.
If it is not possible for you to see me in person, please contact me by phone or email, before sending me any shoes.

Do NOT post me any shoes without prior agreement.

Machine-stitched shoes from my own workshop and shoes from other manufacturers:

Adding up the cost of the repair itself plus two-way postage and packaging, this is not economical.
Please have them fixed by your local modern cobbler.

Price examples (plus postage and packaging)  
Replacement toggles (don't send me the shoes, I will just post you some toggles) Free
Replacement clump heel, round-heeled (“normal” shape) £20.00
Replacement clump heel, triangular heel-riser (some Dark-Age shoes) £40.00
Crescent-shaped hole at the heel in a Dark Age shoe patched by triangular heel-riser. This can only be repaired if the hole is of a moderate size. £45.00
Crescent-shaped hole at the heel of any other shoes. 
Sorry, you just left it too long, but you are welcome to show them to me at an event for further assessment
no repair possible
Replacement heel stiffener (fixes uppers that have lost shape around the heel)   £25.00
Clump Sole (patches up a hole in the sole in the front half of the shoe, but does not extend to the heel) £35.00
Tightening the strap on pattens (styles PAT + PAT-L) Free
Re-apply a silk-embroidered vamp-stripe (per pair of rows) £25.00
Re-stitch a saddle-stitched vamp-stripe £20.00

All other repairs:
I will give you a quote once I have seen the shoes


Please note:
I expect you to clean and dry your shoes before handing them over to me for repairs.
I refuse to handle shoes that have all sorts of unmentionable stuff stuck to them.
I thank you for your consideration.

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