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Historical Footwear
from 1000BC to 1500AD

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Mon - Thur 10am - 8pm

At work at Kenilworth Castle

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About ANA




 a fully equipped medieval shoe maker’s workshop with tools

Ana provides historic shoes, boots and wooden pattens for museums, films, theatres and re-enactors.

All footwear is hand-made by Ana herself.
I only use personally selected leathers and Welsh timber for my shoes, boots and wooden pattens.

Ana's shoes are available to buy, or you can book me as a historic craft demonstrator and watch me at work in my mobile medieval workshop.

I take authenticity very seriously and my products look 100% like the Real Thing.
The fully hand-stitched shoes are virtually indistinguishable from the historical originals. But I also offer a few selected styles in machine-stitched budget versions. All stitching on the budget shoes is hidden inside, and once broken-in they look completely authentic as well.

My product range covers some amazingly beautiful prehistoric shoes and a very wide range of dark age shoes and dark age boots. Including Viking shoes, Viking boots, Saxon shoes, Saxon boots, Norman shoes and Norman boots.
I also make medieval shoes and medieval boots in many variations. This includes custom-made shoes fit for a king with poulaines or krakows, also known as Schnabelschuhe in Germany, as well as sturdy soldiers boots and skin-tight thigh-boots.
Tudor shoes are currently available only in two machine-stitched styles.
I can also reinforce your reenactment shoes or reenactment boots with additional soles or heels if required.
I am fluent in German and can manage written French too.

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