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Shoes Made to Order

Machine-stitched Shoes are usually in Stock
Please email me at sales.ana@btopenworld.com with the following information:

The three-letter style code of your chosen model.
Your shoe-size.
Your full name and address.
Your payment preferences.
I accept bank transfer, cheque, paypal (4% fee applies) or credit/debit card (4% fee applies).

You are welcome to state your colour preference and I will try to meet it, but the trade-off for the immediate availability of these shoes is that you have to accept whatever shade of brown is in stock.

If you need your shoes urgently, please tell me what your deadline is, as I may run out of certain sizes occasionnally.

Hand-stitched Shoes take approx. 2 - 3 months to deliver

40 styles x 5 colours x 18 sizes x 5 widths = 18000 possible variations...
which explains why I do not carry stock of bespoke shoes.
They are made especially for you and there is a waiting list.
I will confirm a definite delivery date with you on receiving your order.
Please include a £50.00 deposit with your order - I will invoice you for the full balance closer to your delivery date.

Please click on your period of interest

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