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If you want to order a pair of shoes from me, please look at the following web-pages before proceeding.

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Delivery Times:

Please Note:
Machine-stitched shoes are usually in stock in standard sizes, but if you are in a hurry it is better to check availability before placing an order.
Fully hand-sewn shoes take approximately 2 - 4 months to deliver, but can take considerably longer at busy times of the year.
Please contact us for actual delivery times before placing your order.

If you need machine-stitched Shoes in a hurry:
Occasionally I run out of certain sizes or work away from home. It is therefore vital for you to check with me for availability before placing such an order.
You can just tell me your regular shoe-size instead of submitting full foot measurements.
But please be aware that there is no guarantee that they will fit you as sizes vary between manufacturers.
You will then have to pay the additional postage incurred by return and exchange of the shoes.

Postage and Insurance

I send styles DAM, LML, LMF, LMB, TML and TMM in a flat-pack. All other footwear is sent in a box.
All parcels sent are insured and I guarantee to replace any items sent by me that get lost in the post.

UK and Channel Islands:

Postage is 8.50 British Pounds for postage, packaging and insurance for one pair of shoes and £11.00 for boots.
Exception: for shoe-styles DAM, LML, LMF, LMB, TML and TMM postage is only £5.00 (flatpack).
If ordering more than one pair please contact me for the correct amount of the reduced combined postage.

Outside UK:

I send my parcels fully insured by Parcel Force Worldwide Standard Delivery or faster services on request. Standard postage for one pair of shoes will vary from £10.00 to £30.00 depending on the destination. Please ask me for the actual cost before ordering.

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