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Price of Footwear   Colour ( check if available with your chosen style):
saddle-tan  O         medium brown O             dark brown  O
mahogany O                      black O          custom dyed  O
Heel Cushion (avail with all shoes) £5.00

Triangular Heel Riser £25.00

Small extra Heel £20.00

Second Leather Sole glued on £30.00

Do you want a triangular heel-riser with your Dark-Age Shoes?  £25.00      O
(check if available with your style - no small extra heels or second sole layers with this)

Vampstripe  Plain (early medieval) £20.00

Vampstripe Silk (high medieval) £25.00

Do you need extra room for thermal insoles or socks that were
NOT included when taking measurements?
Note: NO orthopaedic insoles to be worn with ANA shoes unless agreed otherwise.
Openwork per pair of rows £20.00 Will additional sole-layers be glued on by a modern cobbler?                     O 
(We will NOT oil your shoes so that their modern glue sticks better)
Postage within UK per pair
Machine-sewn shoes/boots  £5.00
Hand-sewn shoes £8.50
Hand-sewn boots £12.00
Wooden Pattens £8.50

How did you hear about us?
Total   On which occasions will you wear our footwear?

If ordering more than one pair:
Please staple the order forms to the foot-drawings they belong to as this avoids misunderstandings.
Contact us for the correct postage for the entire parcel as you may be eligible for a discount.

•Completed order form
•Outline of your foot and measurements
•cheque  made payable to A. DEISSLER

When your order is complete please post it by ordinary mail to:

ANA, 26 Vicarage Terrace, Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan, CF42 6NA, Great Britain

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